For over 15 years, our Professional Lighting Company has perfected the premium quality of our work and we have enhanced the exclusive range of our products. With increasing accuracy, we fulfil our customers’ desires; our primary goal is to improve our services on a daily basis. We also devote expert craftsmanship in every project, regardless how large or small. We regularly visit the work sites during the execution of a project, thus ensuring a flawless luminaire installation in order to fully satisfy the desires of our demanding clients for top quality, modern design and energy savings.

– To provide expert advice about different lighting systems and determine which is the most suitable for your needs.

– To provide energy savings study, applying the latest trends and technologies in the energy savings field.

– To create a comprehensive and elegant design concept in interior decoration (for houses, shops, offices, companies, hotels, museums, restaurants, hospitals

–including operating rooms, to mention just a few examples) , exterior spaces such as aquatic zones: swimming pools, ponds, aquariums, gardens and public spaces such as roundabouts, parks, sports centres, yacht ports among others.


Good lighting can transform any object, building, garden or space into a work of art.

As expressed by Antonio Gaudí:

“Architecture is the arrangement of light; sculpture is the play of light”

Our expert lighting team will devote all their know-how and enthusiasm to the project which you have selected in order to transform your dream into reality.