Today, it is impossible to imagine life or a lighting project without LED Technology (“Light-Emitting-Diode”). In the beginning, these diodes were only used as indicators or beacons; they had a red colour and provided low light intensity. The new generation of LED fixtures have caused an astonishing revolution in the development and design of LED Technology, which has permitted better integration in the projects, the design of original spaces, the creation of fantasy atmospheres as well as improve the light quality and intensity and thus ensure maximum enjoyment of its radiant light.

Other extraordinary advantages of LED Technology are its low energy consumption, its long lifespan, its low heat emission and hence low luminous pollution, as well its safety inside and outside of households. We have successfully implemented LED Technology in interior designs, which include houses, offices, restaurants, hotels, boutiques etc. and in exterior settings such as gardens, swimming pools, ponds and spas, among others.


Another design concept popular in the projects in this sector is “Integrated Lighting”, which evoke clean diaphanous lines, minimalist design, with an elegant and essential expression, the stylish fusion of decoration and light by integrating embedded lights in the floor, wall and ceiling.

By cutting or using the available spaces laid out by the architect or interior designer, the lighting can be discretely integrated, solely permitting its light emission in the colour and intensity which you desire, facilitating a dispersed glow or ambient lighting without visible wall mounts, cables or obstacles in the wall, ceiling or floor.


The management of your home or office by remote control or specific programming is no longer a matter of science fiction or luxury. Devices such as smart phones, remote controls and computers can be connected to your electrical network and security system, to facilitate control of the lighting, heating, Venetian blinds, long-distance alarm, with no need to travel and with complete safety.

Lámparas Especiales Pedreguer (Alicante)


Special lamps are those which are not directly available in conventional lighting shops, for example, medical lamps, (for operating rooms, dental clinics, X-ray rooms, microscopes, among numerous options), photography and film development lamps, navigation lights and beacons, miniature lamps, street lights and traffic signals, car and aviation lights, as well as gardens, terrariums, aquariums, etc.


We frequently search for a specific lamp without success, a light fixture which embodies our philosophy and design. We design the lamp of your dreams. Tell us about your dream and we will do everything possible to recreate it, a billiards table, a magic space or your personal touch for a shop, bar, façade, logotype, these are just a few samples which we have already created for our customers.


Who doesn’t have an old abandoned lamp in their house? A lamp which we can’t bear to get rid of or which simply does not work because it is missing a part, or perhaps we wish to update its image by giving it a more modern or retro look. We will gladly analyse your lamp and study its options and potential; we will give it a second life, either by restoring it to its original appearance or creating a new “look” for it.